Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vote On Your Favorite Tiny Hands Giftbox!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Hi everyone! I've got some neat things coming up for you! First, I'm going to be putting up some cool Fall and Christmas jewelry at Tiny Hands - of course, they will be scented goods that smell like you can eat them! I'm working on photos to be put up at my website.

Next, I'm working on new giftboxes for all Tiny Hands customers! It's my policy to ship every order in these pretty little things (tied with satin ribbon too, it's a treat to anyone's eyes) so I want to know what your favorite giftbox colors are. There's a poll below where you can vote on your most liked color combination, the pink top with light brown bottom or with the dark brown bottom; or the orange top with the light or dark brown bottom. Honestly I can't decide, but if I absolutely had to based on personal preference, I love the pink top and dark bottom one! 

Click on the image above to get a larger view!

Thanks, and don't forget your daily dose of Tiny Hands Online!


Sarah said...

My favorite is the pink top with the darker bottom, but they all look good!

Mei said...

Hey Sarah!

Thanks for your input! A lot of people love the pink top, but most were torn between the lighter and darker bottom. I had to break the tie from the consultation of my home team, haha :D