Sunday, September 5, 2010

Salmon Sushi Charms

Sunday, September 5, 2010
I had an order for salmon sushi charms and to my despair, I didn't have the color chart for the salmon-colored mix! I worked for a solid two days just working through trial and error to figure out the right color measurements, size and shapes. The rice bits took a long time too! Sometimes rolling teeny tiny clay pieces can be therapeutic but if you've just moved houses and it's 2 o'clock in the morning, it's not very fun. 

Anyway, I absolutely love how the color turned out. It's way more realistic and salmon-y than my previous attempt. They did come out a little larger than my usual jewelry pieces, so I plan to make smaller versions to sell permanently at Tiny Hands. 
What is your favorite sushi? I love salmon and tuna sushi, mm! If there is one thing I had to live on for the rest of my life, it would have to be sushi. Hands down! What other kinds of sushi designs would you like to see me make?


MiniBites said...

It looks amazing! Rolling out individual grains of rice can be exhausting and frankly, annoying, so I would recommend making molds for your sushi rise base. It makes life waaay easier!

Mads said...

Hi there! Love your work!

I've been doing sculpey food for a while just for fun and a friend asked for some sushi. I made several rolls which turned out fantastic (man, rolling rice grains sure is fun!), but my attempts at salmon nigiri (my favorite) turned out pathetic. The base is fine, but the salmon looks like chewing gum or something. Do you have any tips you'd be willing to share?

Mei said...

Hey Mads! Yeah sushi wasn't my strongest point for a while but I think I really got the hang of it. The key is to use a whole ton of translucent colored clay and only ever so slightly of the other main colors you need. I'm thinking that would be the difference for you, since you said it looks like chewing gum, which doesn't have much translucency. I hope that makes sense though!

I had to try so many color mixes. Just don't give up!

Yum~ salmon nigiri is the best!

R. said...

Whoa! That's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh. Your whole site is too cute. I need one of everything!

Mei said...

Hey R!

Heheh, thanks so much for dropping by to look at it! :D

Mira said...

I really like sushi rolls, and I bet those would look AMAZING. ^_^

My favorite is a crunchy shrimp roll. *Nom*